About Us What Started all of this?

A few years ago, I did not know anything about web programing.  I knew absolutely nothing about electronics.  One day i wanted to put a computer in my car (back when it was still cool).  I got all the components and went to put them in and relized that I had no idea what I was doing.  Connect this to 12v...Connect that to 5v.  I had no idea how to do any of it.

I started looking on the internet for how to do it.  I must have looked at a million websites on how to install this computer.  Finally, I did it.  That got me interested in 12v DC electronics.  I started tinkering with things and started to learn by doing.  I learned about capacitors, resistors, LEDs and this cool contraption called Arduino.  Man, you can do make some pretty cool and useful stuff with electronics and in the end...you get the satisfaction of knowing you made it.

I thought to myself wouldn't be nice if there was a place you can go to learn and teach others about technology and electronics.  The web is full of these sites, but most have other categories as well.  I was looking for one stop place to for the inner tinkerer inside me.  That did not seem to exist so I wanted to make a website where others like me....Tinkerers...could come together and share their thoughts and ideas...learn from each other.

I had one problem though, and that is I had no idea how to make a website.  Again, I scoured the net for resources and I learned enough programming to make this site.  Not one aspect is an "out of the box" solution.  I wanted my own look and feel.  I wanted it unique.

This site is a work in progress and will continue to evolve till its absolutely perfect.  Granted, it may never be, but it sure is fun trying.

Welcome to Tinker PlayGround.  Where you can come to learn and spread tinkering.  From Electronics to Web Programming, you can learn and help others learn also.

Thanks for Visiting