Tinker PlayGround Is Now Live

Well, After months of pain staking programming, Tinker PlayGround is now live and ready to accept new members to tinker.  We want this to be a place you can come to and either learn about technology, or share your knowledge of it.  Whether that technology is electronics or web development, you can help others learn.....and learn yourself.

Do you know that if it were not for people that tinker, we would not have some of the greatest inventions ever made. Most Inventions came about from someone who was tinkering...something went wrong and they thought they had failed....but wound up making something that could change the world?  Here at Tinker PlayGround, we want to feed the tinkerer(if thats really a word) inside you and start you on your journey of making great things happen.

Make sure you sign up for a tinker account so that you can fully enjoy your visit here.  Once you are registered, you can post in the forums, comments on blogs and create projects for others to make.

Welcome to Tinker PlayGround and please share our site with others to get the word out.