Hello from the Philippines

Started by maxbarjr on February 2, 2017
I am new here.  I was searching for a comparator circuit when I saw this site.  Still exploring this site but I found some circuits that interest me.  Questions later. Thank you.

New Member Saying Hi

Started by pfred1 on March 1, 2015
Hi, My name is Paul and I just saw a post on Google+ that had a link to this site in it. This looks like the sort of thing I like so I made an account. Hopefully soon I can put up something here.

Greetings from Atlanta, GA

Started by A-Aron on February 14, 2015
My name is Aaron and I am from Atlanta, GA.  I found your site through google when I was looking for electronics projects.  I know your site is new but it looks like it has the stuff to be a great website and resource.  I hope you get more projects posted because so far i like the…

Welcome to The Tinker PlayGround Forum

Started by sgray74 on January 14, 2015
Hello there and welcome to our forums. You can use this as a tool to get answers to all your tinker related questions.  Have a question?  Ask it.......Have an answer?  Answer it. If you want more categories, please let me know. Thanks.....